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Visio ing consult has developed a product that permit the stock management, the logistic in-situ and products tracability on production line and geolocalisation in-situ.

The application software SGW-Stock Get Way®

The application software SGW-Stock Get Way®

SGW – Stock Get Way® is a software developed for medium to large companies.

It is a ‘Turnkey solution’ which follows 4 axes :

  • MES - Follow-up of production
    Identification of products at exit of production lines, definition and identification of elementary used products, product traceability...
  • Geolocalisation - Real time follow-up of people and/or trucks, car, ...The system also allows for an access control and the creation of alarms for zones.
  • WMS - Logistics
    Registration of vehicles, follow-up of entrance/exit of vehicles, call to dock, follow-up of piloted/controled loading/unloading, search for storage locations, search for stock ...
  • YMS - Stocks management
    Reception of goods, cycling/global inventory, control of loading/unloading, picking, creation/suppression/modification of stock, stock movements, ...

Who uses Visio Ing Consult ?

  • 'Production' manager

Mainly in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Poland, Hollande, Great Britain, ...